The ancient suburbs of Itria Valley


Near Masseria Tagliente there are the charming villages of Itria Valley:

Martina Franca

dominates the marvellous Itria Valley, a beautiful green land constellated with Trulli. The main attraction of this city is probably the architectural style of its historical center, a wonderful example of the Baroque style.



is the capital of Trulli and has been declared UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.



is located at the very end of Southern Murgia. This city is famous for its beauty, which can even be admired from faraway. Ostuni is indeed better known as “the White Village” because of its monochromatic white buildings.



is a beautiful village in the Itria Valley, where, during the summer, it is very pleasant to taste local meat, cooked on the barbecue.



is located on the top of a hill and owes its name to the circular shape of the first inhabited center that dates back to the year 1000. The village is famous for its exceptionally clean streets, well kept by its inhabitants.



the city of ceramics, is full of shops and workshops where you can admire the artists at work who carry on the tradition. Some laboratories are still equipped with traditional ovens.

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